Vancouver, BC

Daniel BednarikDaniel Bednarik has recently transferred into a new role as the Senior Consultant defining the funding and operations for a new immunotherapy approach that will be paradigm-changing and completely proprietary.  Details are pending closure of financing.

Prior to taking on this new venture, he was the Vice President of the Molecular Engineering Unit Operations at Intrexon Corporation in Germantown, Maryland. While in this position, Daniel’s primary objective was to provide support for the company and its employees,  drawing from his extensive knowledge of and experience within the topic of molecular engineering to do so.  His success in the position stemmed from his ability to effectively utilize this insight to make important decisions for the research and projects that they undertake.  Daniel Bednarik also works heavily with the, “External Channel Partner,” collaborations of the company, specifically, he leads these collaborative partnerships in the areas of proprietary gene design technology that is crucial to the to the boosting and expansion of drug and/or service creation that occurs in a diverse range of sections within the businesses.  Another component of his role as VP of the MEU involves Daniel working closely with a number of higher-up individuals within the company who hold a great deal of authority and influence over the company.  Working with  Chief Scientific Officer (MEU) , the company’s President, the Human Therapeutics Division (HTD), and the Cell Engineering Unit (CEU), Daniel Bednarik contributes to the improvement and expansion of translation of technology to application within the research clinic an beyond.

It is Daniel Bednarik’s extensive experience that allowed him to reach the position he is in today.  He has held a number of positions in the field of biopharmaceutical research that were very diverse in their focus, allowing him to gain invaluable experiences and understanding of the field that he could piece together and build off of one another in order to strengthen and deepen his knowledge of Biopharmaceutics.  A  large portion of his prior career experience and learning took place in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Daniel lived there for a time and worked with his colleagues to co-found a company that they called Cardiovascular Biology of Artesian Therapeutics, Inc.,  This company, which Daniel was also the vice-president of, maintained a focus in research that aimed to ascertain gene-expression patterns in diseased tissue by way of utilizing new-age technologies for gene expression.

Daniel Bednarik and his colleagues developed and grew the company, and they were ultimately able to reach success in singling out genes that directly correlated to individuals contracting heart disease.  The company shared their pivotal discoveries with three major drug representatives who worked explicitly with the treatment of heart failure. The company also launched an in-vitro analysis paradigm for drugs and validation paths for CRPM and BRPM and designed data-driven, animal-model research experiments to gain further information and understanding on heart failure and cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular Biology of Artesian Therapeutics, Inc. was later acquired by  a larger biopharmaceutical company, Cardiome Pharma Corporation, in 2005.  When this acquisition took place, Daniel Bednarik joined the Cardiome Pharma team, where he assumed the position of the Director of Genomics.  He is extremely grateful of his time at Cardiome and his experiences in Vancouver and cherishes these memories greatly.

In his current position with Intrexon, Daniel is able to utilize the knowledge he has gained from his past positions to make more informed decisions and lead his unit better.  Outside of workplace, Daniel enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting and camping, as well as rugby, cooking, modern art and anything to do with furthering his knowledge of his field of research.