DIY Gene-Editing Kit Causes A Stir in the Biotech Realm

Josiah Zayner is changing the face of biotechnology from his kitchen. Zayner, who graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree in biophysics has been creating DIY gene editing kits for $120 a pop to the general public.   The process of gene-editing was very recently only available to powerful (and rich) biotechnology labs. […]


Broad Spectrum Drugs are a Threat to Healthcare

The unfortunate reality of healthcare is that there are patients who undergo innumerable treatments and every single one of them fails. In those situations, doctors will try their trump card(s), which are quite literally referred to as “Last Resort” antibiotics. These last resort antibiotics, also known as broad spectrum drugs, are used in what we […]

Daniel Bednarik

Yeast Stands to Introduce the World to Synthetic Biology

There are some in and around the scientific community who are announcing the retirement of biology oldest workman: evolution. As physicist Michael Brooks says writing for the New Statesman, it is a stepping down that was “3.6 billion years in the making.” Its replacement, of course, is us. The modern human has studied the natural […]


Applying for a Research Grant

When applying for a National Institute of Health grant, there are some key concepts to the application one should understand. These include how to submit, where to find forms, and when to turn the application in. It is also important to have links to contacts, important deadlines, a general timeline, and guidelines for completing your […]

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The Progress of Translational Medicine

Translational medicine is a rather recent area of study/focus in the world of medical research.  Translational medicine is crucial area of study in that it is the middleman between preliminary research and clinical trials in terms of the creation and development of new prescription medications and treatments for disease and illness.  It is important that […]

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How Veritable are Animal Studies?

For years, animal studies have been a large portion of scientific research focused on discovering and developing new types of treatments, drugs, products and a large variety of other things meant for human use.  Typically, animal studies precede human trials- if they are generally successful with animal models, the new product will then be moved […]

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Vancouver City Centre

The city of Vancouver, British Columbia is one that I believe to be highly underrated.  Having spent a great deal of time there during the early part of my career, I was able to learn a lot about the city and grew to really love it.  A lot of people are unaware of just how […]


Interesting Protein Synthesis Research

Naked mole rats are scary-looking. First, they’re rats. Second, they’re rats without hair. Third, they’re all ugly. I mean, just look at this thing: Beyond those superficial traits though, naked mole rats have something all of us humans envy: healthy lives from birth to death. This animal has a set of physical traits that make […]


Pharmaceutical Companies and the High Price of Research

Everyone knows that it costs pharmaceutical companies four cents to make a pill.  The problem is that the first pill can cost them four billion dollars. Sean Williams recently published an article in The Motley Fool titled, “The Pharmaceutical Industry’s 10 Biggest R&D Budgets,” in which he discusses which firms are spending the most on […]


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