About Cardiome Pharma

Daniel BednarikWhile Daniel Bednarik was working in Vancouver, he and his co-founders worked to establish a company called Cardiovascular Biology of Artesian Therapeutics, Inc.  The company focused its efforts on research surrounding ascertain gene-expression patterns in diseased tissue.  In order to do this, they employed cutting edge technologies for gene expression.

The company was successful in their endeavors  of singling out genes that directly correlated to individuals contracting heart disease.  The company, although successful, was acquired by the company called Cardiome Pharma Corporation in 2005.

Cardiome Pharma, known commonly as Cardiome is a commercial pharmaceutical company that specializes in cultivating and commercializing novel methods of therapies and treatments that will contribute to an improved quality of life and increased health for patients.  Cardiome looks create original and effective treatments and medications that widely benefit the healthcare industry, including doctors, healthcare institutions and the patients themselves.

Currently, Cardiome has two products that have been approved for market consumption in Europe and nearby areas called BRINAVESS TM.  This product facilitates speedy atrial fibrillation to becoming sinus rhythm in adults.  This product is primarily tailored to those with early onset atrial fibrillation.  Another product that Cardiome has produced and is market approved is called Aggrastat®, which targets patients suffering from Acute Coronary Syndrome.  It acts as a GP llb/llla inhibitor.

The company is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The company highly relies on collaborations with other large, strong enterprises in order to mutually further the success and expertise of their own business as well as that which they are partnering with.  They are open to discussing potential development partners currently, as they are looking to improve and spread their product, BRIVANESS and allow for it to grow within in the worldwide market.  They are also open to discussing partnerships with any businesses that share their values in the creation of unique and effective products that are useful and effective in the world of healthcare.

Daniel Bednarik worked for Cardiome for a number of years after his company was acquired by Cardiome, serving as an advisor for the company.  Daniel Bednarik greatly appreciates his experience with Cardiome, as allowed him to gain invaluable knowledge and understanding of the biopharmaceutical field.